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expand the possibilities of your piano or grand piano

what systems for
pianos exist?

pianodisc self-playing system

The PianoDisc self-playing system allows the grand piano or piano to play on its own, without the help of a musician. In addition to the sound of the piano itself, the high-quality speakers that come with the system can reproduce the sounds of strings, drums, brass, and even vocals.

Imagine that you are listening to a recording of some piece of music, but at the same time the sound of the piano is real, live.

The system is controlled using any iOS device (an iPad is included with the system).

The extended library of the system contains about 5,000 songs of various genres, ranging from music from the era of classicism to hits of the 2000s.

photo we give an extended library of 5000 songs with the purchase of the system

demonstration of the self-playing system

The PianoDisc system does not affect the basic functionality of your piano in any way. You will also be able to freely play music on your instrument, while the sound quality and sensitivity of the keyboard will not disappear anywhere and remain at the same level.

The installation of this system requires a highly qualified master. We strongly recommend that you order and install this system only from authorized distributors. Salon PIANOS gives an official guarantee for all types of systems, and also guarantees the quality of the work performed.


silent play system

The AdSilent system (sometimes referred to by other names) is a system that adds the basic functionality of a digital piano to an acoustic piano. At the same time, you still have the opportunity to play your instrument and listen to acoustic sound, because after installing the system, your piano or grand piano will have 2 modes: digital and acoustic.

With this system, you will be able to:

- if necessary, “mute” the sound of your piano and play with headphones, without distracting others
- connect systems together with the piano to other devices, if desired - connect speakers
- choose sounds, the library contains about 127 different sound timbres (strings, brass, percussion, etc.)
- easy to control the system using an application (Android and iOS are supported), the connection with which is via BLuetooth


photo photo photo

climate control system, Care of pianos and grand pianos

Piano care is very important. The piano is mostly made of wood and is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity in the room.

The more stable the level of humidity and temperature, the longer the piano will serve you properly and keep in tune. Especially important is the level of humidity, which is usually lower than recommended.

The LifeSaver system regulates moisture levels within the instrument itself, closest to the most vital design details. This will positively affect the operation of the tool:

- extend the life of the piano
- the stability of the setting will last
- improve the stability of the mechanics
- there is no risk of swelling or drying of tool parts


Even after the installation of this system, it is necessary to follow the recommendations for the external care of the instrument. Our experts will also be able to advise you on the care of your piano or grand piano.

The climate control system does not affect the sound or clarity of the mechanics in any way. The installation of this system is optional, but highly desirable, especially in the conditions of the Kazakhstani climate. We make a qualified installation of the system and give a guarantee on all components.

For all additional questions, you can contact us in the salon - the manager will advise you in detail.

Order systems for
your piano

Order systems for
your piano

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- when ordering any tool from the factory, you have the opportunity to immediately install all systems on it (this can also be done later)

- we guarantee all systems , which we install on our own

- You can get professional advice on all issues related to the piano and additional systems

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