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upright and grand pianos

full service for your instrument

How does this happen?

When buying a piano or grand piano in our showroom, we perform the initial tuning of the instrument after delivery.

The adjustment is made by a highly qualified specialist, the quality of primary service is guaranteed.

Further, the piano/grand piano requires regular maintenance, with regular average use, the most optimal interval is service work once a quarter (3 months).

For your comfort, we offer package service maintenance of your instrument for a period of 1 year *, which completely closes the issue of proper instrument care.

*on request, the contract can be extended for a longer period

what does service
look like from us?

we guarantee the quality of the services provided. We work with highly qualified craftsmen who have extensive experience
we tune according to the concert standard, into a tuning fork. Aligning the purity of the sound of the instrument
we develop a schedule of visits of the master that is convenient for you (approximately - once a quarter), we coordinate with you the time on the eve of each visit
if necessary, we adjust the entire mechanism of the piano, to maintain the sensitivity and responsiveness of the instrument
we carry out a general diagnostic of the condition of the instrument. We give recommendations on proper care for him in the absence of a master
we carry out a comprehensive professional cleaning of your piano*
*attention - it is contraindicated to independently carry out any internal work with the tool. This may result in damage and void the warranty.

Consultation and service order

You can apply to order a service, or to get advice and more information. The manager will contact you.

*field is required

Piano purchased from PIANOS

Your details are only needed to contact you. We do not pass them on to third parties.

You can not specify detailed information about yourself, just fill in your phone number.

More detailed information will be useful to the manager for an accurate consultation.

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