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FAZIOLI Grand Pianos FAZIOLI F 156, Blue
FAZIOLI Grand Pianos FAZIOLI F 156, Blue
FAZIOLI Grand Pianos FAZIOLI F 156, Blue

FAZIOLI Grand Pianos FAZIOLI F 156, Blue

Product Information
  • Category: Grand Pianos
  • Brand: FAZIOLI
  • Model: F156, Blue
  • Height: 100,0 cm
  • Length: 156,0 cm
  • Width: 150,0 cm
  • Weight: 295 kg

The smallest grand piano FAZIOLI F156. Despite its small size, the piano has a significant dynamic range and velvety timbre. FAZIOLI grand pianos were designed by an Italian musician and engineer named Paolo Fazioli. In 1978, he decided to create the highest quality hand-built pianos. The soundboard of FAZIOLI grand pianos is made entirely from red spruce from the musical forest of Val di Fiemme in the Italian Alps. Uniformity, lightness and flexibility are the characteristic features of this tree. Antonio Stradivari used wood from this forest for his legendary violins. FAZIOLI grand pianos are the choice of many professional musicians, where 90% of the finalists chose FAZIOLI grand pianos for their concert performance: Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow (2011, 2015), the Chopin Competition in Warsaw (2010, 2015) and “Rubinstein” in Tel Aviv (May 2014).

The FAZIOLI company has been producing grand pianos and concert pianos since its founding in 1981 on the initiative of engineer and pianist Paolo Fazioli. A love of music and deep scientific knowledge, unique craftsmanship, continuous technological research and careful selection of materials are the necessary conditions for the production of FAZIOLI grand pianos. FAZIOLI aims to achieve uncompromising quality. In 2001, the Economist magazine cited reviews from some performers that FAZIOLI are the best pianos in the world.

Piano Set

Piano Banquet
Choose a bench for your piano that will perfectly complement the instrument and allow you to practice in the most comfortable way
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Climate control system
The system extends tool life, increases stability of settings and adjustments
Silent Game System
The system adds core digital piano features: playing with headphones, recording, changing voices, connecting to a computer
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