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Piano Banquettes



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Musicians spend a huge amount of time honing their skills. Therefore, comfort is especially important for them while playing the instrument.

It is important for pianists to choose and buy a high quality piano bench. A small soft chair with adjustable seat height will not only provide a good mood during classes, but also fit perfectly into the interior. On the site pianos.kz you can find piano chairs from leading brands in various colors and finishes. Have questions or need help? Call!

Buy a bench / chair for piano and piano Discacciati and Stagg in Almaty / Kazakhstan

Piano benches are special adjustable chairs for playing the piano. They are designed to provide maximum comfort and proper fit while playing the pianist's instrument. It is not recommended to use a stool or a regular chair instead of a classic bench. Also, it will not be replaced by a chair for the hallway. A regular chair or couch will not allow you to adjust the height, and you may also experience unwanted slipping and inconvenience when pressing the pedals.

In general, uncomfortable seating, muscle strain will certainly affect the quality of rehearsals and piano practice.

Before you buy a piano bench, you need to familiarize yourself with and decide on the following aspects: - The quality of your banquette. The most affordable solution will be a Chinese-made banquette, due to its, relative to European quality, cost. However, one must understand that the quality of the materials will be low, and the life cycle of such a bench will be short. - The need for height adjustment. A must if you want to buy a piano bench for a child. Most professional models have this function by default; - Upholstery material. Leather and eco-leather look good, but some will prefer eco-leather velor; - The presence of additional options, as well as the design of your bench; Ideally, if your piano bench matches the design of your grand piano or piano in color and style - such a set looks like a single ensemble.

PIANOS store managers are always ready to help you with the selection of a piano bench: give advice, answer questions about the order and much more.

Important! Do not confuse chairs for playing musical instruments with other furnishings. If you need a banquette for the hallway, it is better to buy it in a regular furniture store. However, any product from our catalog can be put in the hallway instead of an ottoman if the musician is away on vacation or a business trip.

Sale of banquettes / chairs for pianos, pianos and grand pianos in Almaty

Salon PIANOS since 2013 has been supplying the Kazakhstan market with acoustic pianos and grand pianos from the best German, Czech, Italian manufacturers. Our brands are FAZIOLI, PETROF, August Forster, C.Bechstein, Schimmel, Weinbach. A high-quality European quality piano banquette is recommended for purchase!

Suppliers of chairs for musicians cooperating with us: the Belgian brand Stagg, the German August Forster and the Italian Discacciati. Only high-quality products are created at the factories of these manufacturers.

Shop for piano and piano banquettes in Kazakhstan

Do you need a piano bench in Almaty? Welcome to the website of the Piano Salon "PIANOS.KZ".

Salon of grand pianos and pianos "PIANOS.KZ" is the official dealer of European pianos and grand pianos, and also sells additional piano systems and accessories.

In our online store you can buy a piano chair, self-playing systems, silent playing systems and, of course, acoustic musical instruments - pianos, grand pianos.

The advantages of ordering in the online store "PIANOS.KZ": - quality assurance. If you want to buy piano benches - Stagg or Discacciati benches - excellent value for money; - professional service. Since 2013, we only sell acoustic grand pianos and pianos, as well as piano accessories. We will answer any of your questions about this product; - a large assortment. If you decide to buy a piano banquette, you will be able to find a banquette of the desired style and color; - convenience of choice. On our website you can find a catalog of piano banquettes, indicating sizes, colors, as well as information about the availability of banquettes in the store.

Prices and cost for banquettes, chairs for pianos and grand pianos in Almaty / Kazakhstan

Our salon of grand pianos "PIANOS" provides an opportunity to purchase high quality piano banquettes in Almaty.

The cost of the product is formed depending on various factors. Namely: - Country of manufacture: European quality piano chair is more expensive due to its high quality materials and wood; - Materials: Genuine leather seat trim will cost more than velor or su

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