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Additional Systems



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When buying a piano or grand piano in the PIANOS salon, you have the opportunity to install additional systems on your instrument. Today, it is possible to install three different systems:

- a self-playing system that allows your piano or grand piano to play on its own, without the help of a musician

- a silent playing system that adds all the essential functions of a digital piano to your acoustic instrument

- climate control system, which regulates the humidity inside the tool. This system is recommended for installation on all new pianos and grand pianos, because it prolongs the life of the instrument.

When buying an instrument in the PIANOS salon, there are two options for installing additional systems on it:

1. You can initially order the systems you need when choosing a tool. Then, your piano or grand piano will arrive from Europe ready-made, along with all the systems that you have chosen. All systems will be installed in Europe. We recommend choosing this option when ordering a tool.

2. You can reorder the systems you need after purchasing the tool from us. In this case, the installation will be carried out by qualified craftsmen in Kazakhstan.

An important point is that additional systems can be installed on an already used tool, but this requires preliminary expert diagnostics. Not all used instruments may have additional systems working correctly, and models of some used pianos and grand pianos in principle do not imply such an installation.

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