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The price of a piano. How much does a piano cost? Cabinet grand piano, concert grand piano. Which piano to buy?

The price of a piano depends on many factors. It is difficult to unambiguously answer the question "how much does a piano cost". Salon PIANOS is the official representative of the European piano factories in Kazakhstan (shop in Almaty) and offers acoustic grand pianos from leading manufacturers with an official guarantee. Pianos are divided according to the following criteria: - manufacturer.

There are European piano factories (Italian, Czech, German grand pianos). They usually have their own subsidiaries, which produce more budget models of combined assembly grand pianos (for example, Germany / Czech Republic, Germany / Poland, Germany / China, Czech Republic / China, etc.).

There are also factories that produce exclusively budget-level grand pianos. Pianos of European production, today are the standard of sound and design perfection (Germany, Italy, Czech Republic). - the size of the piano. Cabinet grand pianos, salon grand pianos, concert grand pianos are categories of grand pianos by size. The longer the piano, the better the quality of its sound, due to the longer strings and the greater volume of the "sounding" parts of the structure.

A cabinet grand piano (length up to 200 cm) is usually purchased for living quarters. If you want to buy a cabinet piano for your apartment or house - you can't go wrong with the size.

Salon grand pianos (from 200 to 220 cm.) are "universal" grand pianos that are suitable for musical drawing rooms or large halls. They can also be placed in small concert halls.

Concert grand pianos (from 220 cm) are mainly located in large concert halls. Such a piano sounds richer and more voluminous than salon and cabinet ones, but it requires a room of the appropriate size and the right acoustics.

The price of a piano also depends on its color/finish. Black is the base color, and almost all factories have models of grand pianos in black - the most inexpensive in relation to other colors. White color, natural wood finishes and other designer models often have a higher cost due to the complicated technology of applying varnish to the body.

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