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Self-playing System



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A self-playing piano or grand piano with a PianoDisc system.

Playing piano or grand piano - this function becomes available after you install the PianoDisc system on your piano. PianoDisc (or ""invisible pianist"") means you can fully play your piano on its own, as if a professional pianist were sitting behind it. The system also comes with high quality speakers and an iPad. A second track (vocal, brass, strings and percussion, depending on the song) is played from the speakers, giving you the feeling of a full live performance, as if you had a band playing in your living room.

On the iPad, which comes with the system, a library of compositions and the PianoDisc program are installed, with the help of which music is played, the volume balance between the piano and speakers is set, and settings are made. The standard library has 400 songs of various genres to play.

When ordering an instrument with the PianoDisc system in the PIANOS salon, we provide an extended library that contains 5000 additional songs.

In the future, songs for this system can be purchased through the official online store of the company piano disc. A grand piano or piano with the PianoDisc system will be a wonderful decoration for the evening. Such a tool will fit perfectly into the home living room or hall. Additionally, we rent a cabinet grand piano with a PianoDisc system.

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