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Climate Control System



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Caring for your piano with the Piano LifeSaver.

Caring for a piano or grand piano is a very important issue that must be approached responsibly. Care determines how long and how well your piano will serve you. The piano requires a certain temperature and humidity in the room, and most importantly, it is necessary to maintain these parameters at a stable level.

For a piano, a comfortable temperature can be 20-23 degrees Celsius. Humidity level from 40 to 60 percent. The LifeSaver Piano Care System maintains a stable level of moisture inside the piano itself.

The stability of temperature and humidity is important, because from constant changes in these values, the wood in your instrument loses its resource faster: the instrument will need to be tuned more often, the mechanics may begin to “loose”, the keys may sink. Cracks may appear in the structure that adversely affect the piano. Also, the metal parts of the tool may rust if the humidity in the room is too high.

The system has special sensors that read the level of humidity inside the tool. If it is too high, special dehumidifiers expel excess moisture from the piano. If it is insufficient, the humidifiers built into the system are activated and gently distribute moisture to the desired value. As soon as the optimum level of humidity is reached, the system will maintain it.

Very important: the installation of this system does not relieve you of the issues of caring for the tool from the outside. The system must be periodically filled with water through a special tube. The tool still needs to be put in the right place and protected from external climate changes.

By installing a climate control system and taking care of the piano or grand piano from the outside, you can be sure that your instrument will serve you for the longest possible time, the stability of the tuning and the operation of the mechanics will increase. You can order a climate control system in our online store, as well as by contacting our managers in the salons of Almaty and Nur-Sultan (Astana).

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