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Silent Game System



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Piano with headphones and game recording with AdSilent

The AdSilent system is the ability to add all the basic functions of a digital piano to your acoustic piano or grand piano. If you have seen an acoustic piano with headphones - most likely, this system is installed on it. It should be noted right away that:

- this system does not affect the sound of your acoustic piano in any way and does not degrade its properties in any way

- You can turn off this system at any time to practice the piano normally.

The AdSilent system works like a digital piano, but when installed in an acoustic ("real" piano), when you play, you feel the keyboard and the weight of a real piano or grand piano. How does this system work? Simplified description: a touch panel is built into the piano (under the keyboard and pedals), a damping stop bar and a shift lever. At any time, you can switch the lever and "mute" the sound of your acoustic piano. When you put on your headphones, you will be able to hear your playing in them, playing the keyboard and using the mechanics of your piano.

At the same time, the piano itself remains in "silent mode". You will not distract others and will be able to practice at home even late at night. At any time, you can "turn on" the sound of your piano again. If desired, you can connect external speakers to the system and output sound to them. You can choose from any of the 127 downloaded sounds and even connect your piano/grand piano to your computer or mixer and use your instrument as a "synthesizer".

The AdSilent system expands the capabilities of your instrument without affecting its basic properties. We recommend that you get detailed advice on this system from the specialists of the PIANOS salon. You can also order this system in our online store.

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