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Piano Petrof. Buy piano Petrof in the official store.

Piano Petrof (PETROF) is the most popular piano brand in the CIS. The PETROF piano is well remembered by musicians and teachers of the Soviet school. The PETROF factory is still located in the Czech Republic and produces tools of a high European level. Buying a PETROF piano means choosing a reliable and proven instrument, completely made in the Czech Republic.

Despite a lot of rumors, all PETROF branded pianos are 100% European made and have all certificates. When buying a Petrof piano in our showroom, you can verify the authenticity of its production by making a request to the factory in the Czech Republic (Hradec-Kralov). Petrof has many models of pianos - they all differ in size, color and parameters.

PETROF pianos are equipped with strong professional mechanics and can withstand prolonged use. The timbre of the sound of the piano Petrof strikes the ear - it is very smooth, soft and melodic. Many pianists like this sound very much.

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