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Weinbach Uprights



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Piano Weinbach. Weinbach piano price.

Weinbach pianos - the second line of the PETROF factory. Weinbach pianos are entirely produced by the main Czech factory, but are assembled in a subsidiary factory in China. Weinbach pianos have good mechanics. It is sensitive to touch and has a good margin of safety. Weinbach pianos keep the system well and are suitable for practicing even by professional musicians.

These pianos are just the recommended minimum for professional practice and teaching music to children. There are only two models of pianos in the Weinbach piano line - W120 and W128 (120 and 128 centimeters in height respectively). For these models, only one exterior finish is available - this is gloss black. This once again confirms the fact that Weinbach pianos are focused primarily on specific practical exercises for musicians, and the factory does not spend extra effort on working out other piano sizes and various exterior painting options. There is nothing superfluous about these pianos and they are a reference example of a budget segment piano with an excellent price / quality ratio."

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