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PETROF Grand Pianos



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Buy a PETROF grand piano. Grand pianos Petrof, catalog and description

Pianos from the Petrof factory have been 100% produced in the Czech Republic since the founding of the PETROF factory in 1864. PETROF grand pianos have a trademark "romantic" sound timbre and depth. For the resonant soundboard (a complexly shaped wooden plate that largely determines the character of the piano's sound), PETROF grand pianos use hand-finished Alpine red spruce.

The resonant soundboard is made of solid spruce and its individual parts are as similar as possible to each other to create an even and melodic timbre. The PETROF line of grand pianos includes a large number of models, ranging from a 156 cm cabin grand piano (PETROF Bora P159 grand piano) to a 284 cm long concert grand piano (PETROF Mistral P284 grand piano). All PETROF pianos are 100% European production and assembly, and the PETROF brand itself has repeatedly won in the Czech Superbrands nomination. Also, all PETROF tools are marked with the European Excellence quality mark.

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