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Schimmel Grand Pianos



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Schimmel Pianos. Pianos by Schimmel Wilhelm Piano

Schimmel grand pianos have been produced since 1885. The Schimmel factory has 4 lines of pianos, 3 of which produce grand piano models. Schimmel Konzert - concert and cabinet grand pianos of the highest world level.

Schimmel Konzert grand pianos are completely manufactured and assembled at the main German factory in Braunschweig. Grand pianos of the Konzert line have a length of 175 cm. This line includes a large concert grand piano Schimmel Konzert K280 (280 cm in length).

Schimmel Classic - salon and cabinet grand pianos of the highest world level. Schimmel Classic grand pianos are also 100% made in Germany and have the appropriate certificates. The Schimmel Classic grand piano ranges in length from 169 cm (C169 cabinet grand piano) to C213 (C213 salon grand piano). Schimmel Classics are great for teaching, homework, and small gigs.

Schimmel Wilhelm - grand pianos, the production of which is based on models from the Classic series. The difference is that Schimmel Wilhelm grand pianos are assembled and finished at the Schimmel subsidiary in Poland. There are only 2 models of grand pianos in the Schimmel Wilhelm line - 180 and 206 centimeters in length. These grand pianos have a deep sound in the lower register (bass) and have a luxurious and status appearance.

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